MNA X PÚBLICO Sequeira In Its Rightful Place

Rescuing a 600K masterpiece from a private collector by dividing it into 10 million pixels. Allowing everyone to sponsor it, even the president.

The National Museum of Antique Art  in Portugal faced a problem. A 600-thousand-euro problem. Domingos Sequeira's Adoration of the Magi, at risk of being sold and taken abroad, required a unique fundraising approach. Dividing the painting into 10 million digital pixels, each priced at €0.06, allowed anyone to sponsor it. The campaign got the attention of the entire country, becoming front-page news in every newspaper, magazine and  TV channel. Suddenly people on the streets were talking about art instead of soccer.

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The campaign was endorsed by a diverse group of Portuguese luminaires.

Hailing from the creative realms of music, sculpture, and filmmaking, these illustrious figures lent their artistic flair and star power to the cause.