NETFLIX Netflix & Chills

Horror and thrillers are good for your health.

Netflix's annual Halloween campaign needed a fresh look to get viewers excited by their horror catalogue. That's how we discovered that, according to several scientific studies, thrillers and scary movies are good for your health, triggering calmness and reducing anxiety symptoms. This is because thrillers are designed to elicit tension, fear, stress and shock, which release norepinephrine hormones, cortisol and adrenaline from the autonomic nervous system, leaving patients in a happier, less anxious mood. Talk about a plot twist.
︎︎︎Case Study

Welcome to the scream therapy with Dr. Elvira.  Welcome to the scream therapy with Dr. Elvira.  Welcome to the scream therapy with Dr. Elvira.

︎︎︎Launch film directed by Saman Kesh

Movies are the medicine.
Elvira is the doctor.

Based on science, we created Netflix & Chills, a new very alternative therapy with none other than 1980s icon Elvira as a Doctor.

Netflix crafted a film, weekly episodes, billboards and other touchpoints to introduce Dr Elvira, The Mistress of the Dark, to help prescribe audiences wholesome entertainment throughout October, backed up by something we like to call cold-blooded science.

A weekly prescription of horror & thrillers with Dr. Elvira.

Patients could subscribe to her sessions by simply leaving a like on the post wich would automatically send the content to their social networks.