A Snapchat filter got women talking about gender inequality.

Gender inequality sucks big time. We know because we live it.  Even though we've been making great strides in the workplace, gender inequality still continues to rear its ugly head.

The first step to overcome this is to talk about it, and that’s not easy. What if there was a trending filter that could start the conversation? By using a simple filter, we took on a complicated issue and sparked a much-needed conversation in the workplace.

At first, a chorus of selfies championed in support, even men jumped on the bandwagon.

The media and the ad industry started talking about it.

Brilliant project of the day!Yes! @CarlottaMonzani, Associate Director of Strategic Insights at Bricolage   Everyone needs to take part on this project @JuanaOg, Global Creative Director  If you're a man not being aware of how it is to be a women in our industry follow this account. And if you are a woman share your story! @OlivierBellemare, Creative 

But soon, a harsh reality hit our phones. Hundreds of DMs from women who weren’t ready to speak out, with fear they would jeopardize their professional situation flooded our inbox.

Our results are not a success story.

But proof that still to this day women are being silenced in the workplace. It’s on all of us to change that.