NIKE Here's What Happened

”Experts” would say women couldn’t run. Our uteruses could fall out, hair would grow on our chest, it would de-deminize us. Well that never happen, here’s what did. 

The longest distance a woman could safely run was 1500 meters. An unsubstantiated assumption that unbelievably was a reality as recently as 40 years ago – until Joan Benoit and many others changed the landscape of sport forever.

Nike inspired runners and continued Joan’s legacy through the Breaking Barriers Challenge on the Nike Run Club app.

Runners from around the world were invited to join Joan in breaking their own barriers and to work together toward a collective distance goal of 500,000 km in seven days. In less than two days, NRC runners crushed that goal. The final count: 2,402,995 km.

Women are still excluded from competing in some events at the highest level based on ridiculous assumptions, or face unfair prejudices and double-standards in decisions about eligibility.